Taja Coconut

Coming Soon

We are excited to announce that early 2020 we will offer the first to market infused 100% coconut water with refreshing essences of fruits, vegetables and flowers. Our new products include pineapple, jasmine, and cucumber infusions – since these are infusions (and not “flavors”) there are no added ingredients.  Those who have sampled the new products note –

“The jasmine infused coconut water reminds me of jasmine tea as is refreshing and relaxing.”

“The cucumber infused coconut water is a universal favorite with broad appeal and crisp taste.”

“Finally, who doesn’t like the perfect pair of pineapple and coconut.”

Over one thousand individuals have sampled our new infused coconut waters and the resounding response is “WOW this is amazing!”

Expect to see them at a store near you in early 2020.