Taja Coconut

Our Story

TAJA was born from one simple wish:
To have the world taste coconut water the way nature intended.

Raised in a tropical country, our founder grew up enjoying the pure, fresh taste of coconut water straight from the tree. But as the drink gained popularity in the U.S., he was disappointed to discover that none of the products he tasted came close to the coconut water he grew up loving.

So he set out to fix it.

After a few years of research, investigation, and good old-fashioned taste testing, he developed a technology that allows coconut water to remain exactly as nature intended—raw, clean, and pure.

It’s not the easiest way to harvest coconut water, but it’s the best way to maintain the true taste and amazing nutrient benefits of the natural nut.

It’s time to ditch the fake stuff and taste the TAJA difference.

We know you’ll love real coconut water just as much as we do.

Nature makes it perfect. TAJA delivers it fresh.

— TAJA Team

Nilang P.


Hallie L.


Gwen K.

Marketing Manager

Our Passion

Our passion is pure.

From our cold-filtered process to our clear bottles, purity is at the heart of everything we do.

We’re passionate believers that when coconut water tastes pure, there’s no need to add anything extra.

So we created a process that makes pure possible, keeping the most nutrients in without having to add harmful heat, air, or additives.

Then we bottle it clear so you know exactly what you’re putting into your body.

Pure is our passion.

Pure is our promise.

Pure is TAJA.


Pure is TAJA

Our Process

We work with local coconut tree farmers to help neutralize and improve their soil condition. This allows their coconuts to receive more hydration and in turn, creates better tasting and more wholesome coconut water. Our team then hand selects the perfect coconuts. What makes a coconut perfect? There are 3 parts:

Soil that supports optimal hydration

The coconut water’s natural sugar must be in balance with its natural acidity

Finally, you must wait for the coconut’s perfect aroma (More aroma = tastier and healthier coconuts).

Within 48 hours of our perfect coconuts being picked, they are delivered to our factory and bottled using our patented cold-filtered process. Finally, once our coconut water is extracted, the empty coconut shells are ground and made into compost for organic fertilizer that we then use to grow more coconut trees.


TAJA Coconut Processing