Taja Coconut


TAJA Coconut Water

Pink? Cloudy? In a Pouch?
How do you know what’s best in the confusing world of coconut water?


The answer is clear.
Coconut water is best when it’s fresh, pure, and made with 100% tender green coconuts.


That’s why we created TAJA.

Compared to other coconut waters, TAJA actually tastes like the coconut water you’d find if you picked a coconut straight from a tree.

The difference is our patented cold-filtered process that extracts the coconut water. This keeps all the nutrients in without having to add anything extra—just the way nature intended.


With TAJA, you’ll never need to wonder what’s in the bottle or what you’re putting into your body.
Because we believe fresh is always better and that nature always knows best.


Coconut Harvesting

TAJA Difference

TAJA Coconut Water is the first of its kind to be cold-filtered—a patented oxygen-free production process that yields better tasting, better-for-you hydration.

The result is a taste so good, that consumers prefer it 5:1 vs. the competition.

Not to mention that our water is never heat-treated, always remaining cold to retain 100% of the natural nutrient content.


TAJA Difference